Away For Three Weeks

I’ll be away — between Tuesday, August 23rd and Thursday, September 15th — on a trip to Bucharest – Paris – Rome. Actually, Paris – Bucharest – Milano – Paris – Rome, but that has to do only with the flight schedule and shopping for the lowest prices :)

Naturally, the website stays on — as usual — and, although I’ll carry my PowerBook with me, I’ll probably be out of reach for this period, because I have no idea how often I’ll be able to get online while traveling.

Last time — except for being able to connect via the excellent WiFi network at Schiphol — I had a bit of a hard time connecting. In Romania, the WiFi network is quasi–inexistent and the hardline connections are slow and buggy; even with a wire stuck in my ethernet port, it took lots of time, patience and hold-it-don’t-kick-the-laptop-it’s-not-its-faults to be able to receive and send a couple of e-mails.

So, basically, send your mails as usual but please don’t expect a reply until I get back, because I simply can’t promise I’ll be able to make it.

The FAX and the answering machines will stay on, but I won’t be able to take any phone calls — unless I figure out a way to use the Force to pick up the phone from thousands miles away :)
This’ll be the last vacation I take this year, except for those few days before the New Year’s.
Next year, full-throtle workaholism until September, then again off to Romania and hopefully, Amsterdam :D

I’ll be taking a ton of pictures and, as soon as I get back — or as soon as I find a reliable, fast connection — I’ll upload them to my flickr photostream. Meanwhile, I closed my Yahoo account and quit that piece of censorshit, so there’s no flickr photostream anymore…

Until then, I wish you all a great rest of the summer and all the best.