Cretins Of The World Wide Web • Part I

We’re sorry but our school currently doesn’t support Macintosh computers. Please use Microsoft Windows OS 95 or above in order to view our site properly. Thank you.
I was trying to log in to this website the other day and bumped into this piece-of -shit-error-page. Naturally, I was using Safari.
Switching the user agent string to “MSIE” didn’t work, so I tried Firefox, Mozilla, Camino and Opera.
No luck.

Of course — after seeing the imbecile error message they put up there — I wasn’t really hoping to be able to access, but I was curious… It appears that, indeed, the respective section of the site can only be accessed — I emphasize can only be accessed as opposite to viewed properly — on a Windows machine, no matter the browser one would use.
I obviously don’t have IE installed on my Mac, so I couldn’t check how far the cretinity goes, but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t work.

The designer who put that page together is, no doubt, a genius!
Or, as we – in awe for the unique technical and artistic skills these geniuses possess – use to call them, a cretin :)
A multilingual one, nevertheless! The very same message appears, on other pages, in Japanese, Spanish, Chinese and some other languages.

Giving up is, of course, just about the only thing one can do when facing this kind of stuff… but not before sending an e-mail to the respective webmaster and complaining about it.

Good luck with that! No contact information – except from the various e-mail addresses they use to sell their stuff — no “webmaster@…” link… not even a sitemap! Eventually, I picked a random e-mail address they had displayed for business inquiries, wrote my complaint — in a polite manner, mind you — and send it.

Still waiting for a reply, stupid me :)
It’ll probably never come — not that I have really high hopes — and they will probably never fix that problem… Which is why I decided to give them the “Cretins Of The World Wide Web” award, take a screenshot of the imbecility and flickr them as the first in another series of cretins with bandwidths :)

There are many like them — many — and they’ll join the circle of the flickred cretins soon.
I promise :)

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  1. Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed this post as well as the one about suing for discrimination, marginalization on the tattoo question.

    Came on your blog by chance via Flickr and in case I do not pass this way again, just wanted to voice my support.

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