Tattoo Photo Gallery Update

As I promised — that is, as I kept promising for the last five or six months — I’ve been able to finally update the photo galleries, after a couple of weeks’ worth of Photoshop surgery and two days’ worth of htmling ;)
For now, approximately 70 new pics of the latest pieces I’ve done, in all the sections of the galleries.

I still have about 30–40 photos here, but I really don’t have anymore time to take care of them right now so, most likely, I won’t be able to upload them until September (when I plan the next major update).

Lots of beautiful ones this time — no different from any other time — and, again, I’m having a hard time deciding which ones I’d want to show you first or most :)

There’s this mechanical dragon — based on the idea of the so-popular gundam machines — which I love a lot.

I loved the idea — when we first talked about it — and I loved doing it… Took me about 4 months, I think, to finish it but man, when it was done..!
I still can remember the hard-on I had while taking the photos :)

One of a kind, so far, but I really hope I have the chance to do some more… I can never have enough of these experimental, avantgarde designs!

Hopefully, people who look for this kind of tattoos — but thought, somehow, that they’re impossible to be done — will see this one and find out that on the contrary, not only they can be done, but they’ll also look amazing…

And yeah, you know where to find me ;)

And there’s this other one, the biomechanical dragons, another unique idea I fucking loved..!

As far as I can tell, it too is one of a kind — can’t remember seeing anything similar so far…

The initial idea was a simple, modern Japanese dragon, on the right buttock, but while we were talking about it, she fell in love with the biomechanics and — one thing led to another — the idea of a biomechanical dragon came up.
Changing its position to the center of the lower back also required modifying the overall shape of the design — symmetry is almost a must on this area of the body — which, eventually, brought up the idea of two dragons facing each other, symmetrical in shape and details.

All in all, took me about two weeks and some 20 sketches to come up with the final design and 6 hours — two sessions — to finish inking it. It healed exceptionally well, so the pics I got are perfect!

And I’m still wearing that hard-on :)

To make it all round and nice, let me finish off with a third piece I love, the portrait of Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands, which, after Albert Einstein’s portrait, would be the second large full-back portrait I’ve done in the last 3 years… and, what can I say? I’m loving it :)

It’s a replica of a movie poster the guy brought in, with minor modifications here and there (mostly, to the snowflakes) in order to make it work well as a tattoo design.

Can’t remember when exactly we started — we had to take a few long breaks between the sessions — but I think this one too took about half a year to get done.

So I’m showing it off now because, believe me, I couldn’t wait to take these pictures!

There are more and, as I said, I really have a hard time telling which one I love more, so, when you have a minute (or fifteen or sixty) visit the galleries and have a look. I bet you’re gonna love some of them!

At least as much as I do ;)