Back Online

Back in Tokyo, back to the pencil, back to the needle, back to figuring out how to fit ten days of work into six days of calendar, back to taking forever to reply to your e-mails :p
Back to normal :)

Romania was a blast, after all these years… Even after all these years.
Had a hard time wanting to get back to Tokyo and now I’m having a hard time waiting until August, when I’ll go there again.

Except for three days of rainy weather — which was “bad weather” only because I didn’t carry with me anything else than tanktops and t-shirts — and the unavoidable temporary brain death caused by the jetlag, everything was good. Good food, good wine, good looking nymphs all over the place, good looking Bucharest — all green and clean — and good looking friends bringing up good memories.
Good prices too — which were “good” only because I had to buy some clothes and some boots eventually :)

All in all, the trip to Romania was a blast!
And I can’t wait to go back.

I almost even forgot about all the shit that led to this ten days trip in the first place, namingly the total lack of help I got from my embassy here, in Tokyo, for a simple piece of paper that I needed so badly… Yeah, but fuck it, after all it wasn’t a bad thing at all having to go to Romania..!

Anyway, I took a bunch of photos while I was there and, whaddya know, I also managed to put them up online at flickr, all grouped in a set named “Romania, June 2005”.
So, whenever you have a minute — and if you’re curious how my family and friends look like — drop by and have a look :)
Since then, shit turned blue with a red tip so I closed my Yahoo account and quit flickr, so there’s no set to look at…

Meanwhile, I really need to update the tattoo galleries so, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna fire up that Photoshop thing again and start cropping :)

See you around.